Customer List
The following is a partial list of companies Anita Rosen Consulting has worked with. Please contact us directly for customer references and specifics on types of services we provided.
  1. Creating a reliable project management process for ActionTec
  1. Launching Alta Vista for Digital
  1. Integrating technology and business processes for Balboa Insurance
  1. Performing a series of technology and business process management courses for the California Water Districts
  1. Creating a corporate project management process for The Depository Trust Company
  1. Defining a project launch strategy for Global Village
  1. Developing a PLC process and coaching project managers to more efficiently manage their teams at Lehman Brothers
  1. Defining a product management process for Matrixsoft
  1. Launching the Suite Spot product suite for Netscape
  1. Researching the competitive landscape for Novell
  1. Positioning OVS for Oracle
  1. Identifying and implementing a process strategy at Telefonica
  1. Defining an upgrade strategy for 3DO
  1. Providing a road map for Unilever
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